Invercargill Bed and Breakfast












Picturesque Manor Gardens

Hosts Pat and Frank Forde are serious gardeners.
You're bound to appreciate the fruits of their labours.


Our cheeky "Brown Shaver" hens

Enjoy the antics of our prized hens and chickens.
Tuck into the freshest farm fresh eggs at breakfast.

Ask Frank for a guided farm tour of The Manor


A delight for garden lovers

Stroll around The Manor's extensive lawns and gardens.
Swap tips and gardening experiences with Pat & Frank.
Read a magazine or barbeque a meal in the great outdoors.


Hand feeding our lambs

Make friends with these greedy little fellows and then try
some hand feeding techniques. You really can't go wrong!


Hey, don't give me that look!

Pat and Frank still keep 50 "Border Leister Romney cross" sheep.
They wouldn't feel really alive without a few sheep hanging around.

A chance to milk a cow? Sure, why not!

Incidentally, your host couple are on very good terms with lots of local farmers and if you would like to visit a deer farm, dairy or larger sheep property it can be easily arranged. Would you like to learn how to milk a cow. Sure, it's no trouble but try to give us a little advance notice so you won't be disappointed.




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